Small bathroom renovations may seem daunting, but with a few clever ideas, you can make a small bathroom look bigger and more luxurious. Today, we’ll leave you with a few tips to get you started.

Small Bathroom Renovations 2022

There is a misconception that only those who own a large house, with high ceilings, large capacity spaces and excellent lighting, are the only people who can afford the opportunity to enjoy a cozy environment. However, not only large environments can achieve a modern space, because reality shows that it is possible to decorate and create warm and pleasant places in small apartments. Therefore, this time we bring you ideas that you can consider for your small bathroom renovation , a space that may seem challenging, but with the right tips it is easier than it seems, so come and learn more about the renovation of small bathrooms.

Small bathroom renovations ideas #1: Pay attention to bathroom tiles.

Undoubtedly an object that can make a difference in a room is the tile, also known as the slab or tile. This is because its color, design or texture will give whoever enters the bathroom a positive or negative feeling. That is why this choice will be extremely important and should be made taking into account a number of factors.

Bathroom tiles

One of the important criteria to consider among the bathroom tile ideas is the resistance of the tile, because remember that constant exposure, either by traffic or water, can easily damage or wear it. For this, the ideal option is vinyl flooring, made of polyvinyl chloride resins (PVC) and minerals, which function as thermal and acoustic insulation and are also highly resistant. On the other hand, there is porcelain tile, which is baked at a high temperature, which allows properties such as hardness, resistance and impermeability and, finally, mosaic tiles, which stand out for their decorative function that, in addition to large size presentations, can also be found by unit and is used, mainly, among ceramics.

Regarding the color you are considering for your small bathroom renovation, remember that this will be a great opportunity to show off, because the right design will create a really positive impact. For example, if you choose to paint the entire room white, you will only have to focus your choice on the tile, which can even be with creative, organic and modern patterns, among others. The variety is endless, so let your imagination run wild and show off with the choice you like the most.

Bathroom tiles

Small bathroom renovations ideas #2: Bathroom toilets and faucets, how to choose them?

In relation to the ideas of toilets and faucets for small bathroom renovation, the choice is transcendental, because they are the objects that can occupy more space. Therefore, below we will see in detail what choices are the best to take advantage of space. In the case of small rooms it is advisable to use bathroom showers and not bathtubs, that way, the toilet you do when showering can have the least use of space and may include, for example, a shelf or a piece of furniture that is functional and decorative. Likewise, in relation to the sinks or washbasins, it is advisable for those that have a pedestal and that can also have one or two faucets if you want to include hot water. Regarding the place, you can consider placing the sink next to the toilet, taking into account an adequate space (recommended no less than 0.25 centimeters) to achieve a great comfort.

Small bathroom

Another option you can consider for your small bathroom renovation are those models of toilets that do not have legs, as this will give the bathroom a broader perspective, that is to say, a perspective of more space. In relation to the bidet, remember that it is not an obligation to consider it as part of the bathroom, as it is usually an object little used, so it can become unnecessary.

Small bathroom renovations ideas #3: The bathroom wallpaper, an element that will change the view

Using light colors in your small bathroom will help it look brighter and more spacious. It is ideal when renovating small bathrooms to consider white as a base color, as this will create better lighting. This is not to say that other colors cannot be used, but they should be used very carefully. This is where the use of bathroom wallpaper comes into play as an ideal element to enhance the bathroom. However, it is important that you take into account some considerations before embarking on the adventure of renovating your bathroom with the ideal wallpaper and we will tell you about them below.

It is better that the wallpaper is away from the bathroom shower, as it runs the risk of being damaged by moisture, which can jeopardize the wall covering. Some specialists recommend, therefore, the use of bathroom wallpaper that does not include a shower, that is, the so-called half bath, which are usually used for visitors who are always looking to make a good impression. To know the exact size of the wallpaper that you will use, you must make measurements, as well as make sure that the wall where you will place the upholstery is in conditions to be able to do it, that is to say, you must verify if there are cracks. On the other hand, you must consider that when you proceed to install the wallpaper canvas you have to remove any air bubbles that may exist, so that when you place the glue on the paper it is free of impurities, that is, smooth to the touch.

Bathroom wallpaper

Regarding the design you choose, if you have used white as a base color, do not be afraid to experiment with the design you like the most, that is to say, you can choose models from a traditional one to a shiny or modern one. However, it is important to know that it is usual to choose flowers, plants or a design associated with nature, as this creates a relaxing and positive atmosphere for those who use the room, but if you prefer geometric designs or full colors, it means that your personality is in the details you choose, so there is no loss.

Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas #4: Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom rooms must present a large amount of light, either natural or artificial, because it is a space of basic use for human beings, that is why several designers recommend that bathroom lighting ideas are not based on simple comments, but are based on clear and efficient ideas that offer a real impact on the environment, both for owners and for visitors.

Among the ways to generate light in a small bathroom are, firstly, the color of paint used, which is best if you opt for light colors or pastels. Secondly, bathroom lighting ideas rely on focal light and general light. For this, it is advisable to use neutral light bulbs or cold light, which will depend on how illuminated you want the room. To do this, you must also keep in mind that the light in a room has a functional use and not just decorative, so it is important to use a type of light that can facilitate daily activities, whether combing, shaving, makeup, among others.

Natural bathroom lighting
Bathroom lighting

The ideal is that when you use the bathroom, the light offers the necessary clarity for your personal hygiene, therefore, it is advisable that the lights are located next to the sink and between the shower and the toilet in order to provide uniformity of light tone. For this, you should consider using 3000 K, in case you want a warm light and 4000 K, if you want neutral white light. Keep in mind that white light can create an impersonal atmosphere, so it is not recommended for use in environments that you want to be warm. The number of light bulbs will depend on the square meter you have as well as the amount of natural light entering the room, since more space will require more lighting.

Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas #5: Bathroom furniture and accessories for small bathrooms  

Nowadays there are a variety of bathroom furniture of different sizes and colors, so there is a wide alternative to choose the one that best suits our needs. Therefore, it is important to consider that a small space does not mean that the place should be simple or basic, but it is possible to give it your personal stamp if you know how to take advantage of it, so take note of the following tips and shine with your small bathroom renovation showing that what matters is not the size of the environment, but the creativity you have to turn it into an elegant environment. Now, it is true that in a small bathroom you can not have a bathtub, but you can enjoy a refreshing shower and to prevent water from wetting all areas of the room you can consider the use of screens, which can be made of tempered glass, acrylic tutendal, among others.

Bathroom accessories
Bathroom furniture

Among the essential bathroom accessories that you should consider in a small bathroom renovation are the shelves, which are usually placed over the toilet as long as the objects that are placed on this are tidy, for this you can opt for a shelf with doors or transparent, with this you should not worry about the meticulous care of the position of creams, towels, among others. If, on the other hand, you are a dedicated person and you know that you can take care of the order of your home, you can consider using transparent shelves or shelves without doors. Another option you can consider for a small bathroom remodel is the use of wooden shelves, for which you can use baskets where you can store essential toiletries, in this case, the color of the bathroom towels that go on the shelf can play in your favor. Also, this space can be considered to color small vases, scented candles, facial or body creams, lotions, etcetera. 

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who love plants and you are considering using them in your small bathroom renovation, let me tell you that it is not a crazy idea, because there is a great diversity of bathroom plants that can fit very well in that space such as those that do not require sunlight to grow and work very well in humid environments, such as the spathiphyllum, with which you will have ensured the purification of the bathroom area; potus, which grow well indoors, as long as you use the ideal pot where it can take root without problems; aglaonema, one of the most resistant plants, as they only require indirect light and partial shade and, not least, orchids that usually grow in tropical areas so the humidity and heat of the bathroom will be extremely favorable for them. Of course, aloe vera, philodendron, among others, are also viable options. 

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a warm and cozy environment. Many times the solution lies in paying attention to the small details and accessories that make the difference. Now that you know a little more about small bathroom renovations, we invite you to put these tips into practice and renovate yours today. Don’t wait any longer! Create a dream environment for the delight of the whole family.  

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