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During renovation, we maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety to avoid any unnecessary delays. Fino Projects values innovation, development, and teamwork. We greatly value our relationships with our customers, we show it by paying extra attention to their needs.

Commercial Services

Strata Repairs

At Fino Projects, we offer Strata services from rot repairs to reworking common spaces. We have exceptional technicians that will exceed your expectations.

Office Spaces

Are you wanting to make your office more functional? If you wish to furnish, add a touch of color or renovate, our company will take care of your needs whether they be simple or complex.

Concrete Works

It's vital to entrust your concrete work with a highly skilled contractor since your exterior concrete work showcases your building. Our company is known by homeowners and business owners for our on-point concrete work.

Structural Upgrades

Our team are experts in remodelling residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to increase your office space or remodel your existing space, from design to implementation and the final touches, we ensure all of the proper protocols are taken into consideration by our team when adding the desired additions to your space.

Featured Commercial Project


Downtown Vancouver Architects Office

This project involved transforming a heritage space into an architect firm. It included integrating up-to-date technologies and upgrading structures, maintaining the original demeanor of the space while restoring prior wooden features.

We extended the upper floor space using floor infill and red iron beams and also introduced a frameless sliding glass door system to close off their boardroom and help with soundproofing during meetings. 

Past Projects

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