Both the decoration and bathroom renovations require an extensive study of the accessories needed to create a harmonious environment, as each object that will form part of the bathroom has certain characteristics that will facilitate cleaning or, on the contrary, it could make it difficult. This means that even though the decoration is related to the awesome view of the place, the colors, the trends, among others, we should also think about the usefulness of the bathroom accessories. That is to say, if they have the characteristics to cover your needs, which may disagree with others. That’s why it is advisable that you know what materials are necessary according to your tastes, your bathroom ideas, but above all according to your daily activities. 

Bathroom accessories: Bathroom taps

Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing swim before going to work or starting the household chores? Therefore, the choice of the bathroom shower design or a bathtub will be relevant, as you could start the day in a different way, if you wish. It is true that there is not always enough time to spend hours in a bathtub, sometimes our only option is a shower. However, whatever choice you make, you should keep in mind that bathroom taps depend on that choice. In other words, bathtubs and showers do not necessarily use the same fittings, so here’s how to choose between the different bathroom bathtub and shower designs.

Traditional bathroom showers are the ones that commonly require modern options such as the mixing-tap, a tap that will allow you to control the temperature you wish to use for the bath by means of a series of movements that are usually upwards or downwards. Another interesting option is the thermostatic bathroom shower faucet, which, by means of a small cylinder with two controls will allow you to regulate the temperature and the water flow.

Bathroom shower faucet will allow you better management and temperature of the water.

Also, if you prefer a cold water shower, you can choose a fixed tap, which is much easier to use and maintains a single flow of water, practical for quick and effective washing routines. On the other hand, you can also choose a movable tap, which will guarantee cleanliness in different areas of the body. This has a flexible hose and can even be converted, with an electric thermostatic mixer into a shower with dual water temperature. On the contrary, the bathtub tap is much simpler, as the aim is that by simply opening it, it gradually fills the water, either in mixing-tap or thermostatic mode.

Bathtub tap is practical and simple, just let it fill and enjoy a delicious shower.

Now, if we refer to the bathroom sink taps, the demand increases, with the aim of not wasting water. The traditional spout taps, that is with a single tap, have been left aside to use, for example, those that have a censor or those that just press once regulate the amount of water that each person should use. In relation to their color, all taps maintain the standard, that is to say in silver, but if you dare to innovate you can also find taps in gold or black on the market.

Bathroom sink taps are now more modern and adjustable to the amount of water you want.

Bathroom accessories: Bathroom sink and toilet

Undoubtedly one of the most important bathroom accessories is the toilet, followed by the sink, which we will talk about in great detail in this section. Choosing the ideal toilet will depend on how much comfort this product offers, that is to say its resistance, whether it has a cistern that allows the necessary water saving, among other details. Nowadays there is an important group of people who are much more concerned about the responsible use of water, so the sizes of the cisterns have been varying over time. Another outstanding detail in relation to toilets is that the trend is for them to be increasingly minimalist, in order to have a space saving bathroom and maintain an elegant appearance. Specifically, a product with these characteristics measures 35 centimeters long by 54 centimeters wide and its installation is usually simple.

Bathroom toilets are now more practical to install due to small size.

In relation to the bathroom sink, the trend is the same, as although there are those that are used with a pedestal, these have become traditional, giving way to models in which a porcelain plate or vanity unit is sufficient.

The bathroom vanity units usually come in different designs and colors and are characterized by the fact that they are placed on a shelf or a piece of assembled furniture, through which the piping will pass. An elegant way to replace the pedestal. However, it is also possible for the vanity unit to be on another support, which can be majolica, glass, wood, etc. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the maintenance you have to provide. So, if your choice is the bathroom vanity, your main focus should be the ideal design, since the functionality has been covered. And you, do you dare to try the new trend or you are convinced of your traditional bathroom design ideas?

Bathroom sink and vanity are a more elegant way of presentation, as well as including a useful organizer at the bottom.

Bathroom accessories: Bathroom tiles

Maybe you have heard sometimes about these kinds of bathroom accessories. Tiles are flat ceramic tiles that are not very thick. Manufactured after the composition of clay, dyes, raw materials, etc. These tiles are used to decorate the floor of bathrooms and walls. The purpose of the tiles is to withstand continuous contact with water or cleaning substances and in the case of floor tiles, to withstand high traffic, so make sure you buy the highest quality. Now, if you already have bathroom floor tiles but you want to renovate them, you can choose other more modern bathroom designs such as geometric, mosaic and more.

It is a fact that the colors that are being most sought after by interior designers this season are pastels that provide a peaceful feeling. In the event that your choice is for intense colors, remember that they will need to be contrasted with a softer color. While monochrome colors have been a perennial choice when it comes to bathroom tiles, remember that those with patterns can offer a more stylish and modern look.

Bathroom tiles with a refreshing effect design

In this design those combinations of shades come into play, that is to say, if the light blue color is chosen, it can be one shade for the bathroom ceiling and change to another when it comes to the wall, thus generating a delight of shades of the same color. The same effect can be created with aqua green or yellow, although it is advisable that the tones vary gradually, for which you can acquire a palette of colors. Would you dare to try to change your bathroom tiles?

Bathroom tiles with a refreshing design can give you softness to your space.

Bathroom tiles with textile designs

This refers to those designs in geometric shapes that are chosen for the different bathroom wall tile ideas. These can be rhomboid, rectangular, even circular and do not require the same color, but they do require a suitable contrast. For example, if triangular shapes in maroon are used, the rest of the bathroom tiles can be in colors such as pink or rosewood, the aim is that there is no overload of colors, as well as breaking with monochrome.  

Bathroom tiles with textile design give you a color harmony.

Bathroom tiles with youthful motifs

In terms of youth trends, the choices are more daring, as the bathroom tiles can be personalized, either by using them to give shapes of buildings or by creating figures such as flowers, hearts or cats, depending on the creativity and tastes of the owner of the house. In this case, special care should be taken not to fall into choosing crude designs. 

Bathroom tiles with youthful motifs express your personality and it is reflected.

Classic bathroom tile designs

It is related to those who prefer traditional bathroom colors such as white, pearl, light blue, silver, etc. that reflect an elegant style. It is even possible to consider, in this type of tile design, the similarity with wood so that the bathroom room can be ideal to create a rustic bathroom, an atmosphere that generates calm, relaxation and a good mood, because wood or elements similar to it create a special connection with nature. A feature that many people long to have at home, even in the smallest spaces of the home, would you dare to try this trend?

Bathroom tiles with a classic design also reflect elegance, you can create a personalized atmosphere depending on the color of your choice.

Bathroom wallpaper

One of the bathroom accessories more used and important to take into account is wallpaper. This can set the desired style of your bathroom, as well as making it easier to clean and complementing the interior decoration and harmony. One of the trendiest wallpaper models are stripes, as they are attractive, versatile and timeless. They create a sophisticated and balanced atmosphere in your bathroom. The most popular colors this season are neutrals such as beige, brown, black and different shades of gray.

Bathroom wallpaper is a fundamental part of your design, it complements the atmosphere and the style.

Another style that has become a great favorite is the marble style. It manages to enrich the image of our bathroom room thanks to its designs, textures, formats and colors. 

But if you are one of those who prefer a more striking but at the same time cozy style, textured wallpaper is what you are looking for. 

Bathroom fan

Bathroom fans as its name says it is a fan whose primary purpose is to extract unpleasant odors from bathrooms and help to improve air quality. In order to choose the ideal extractor fan, it is necessary to know the types that exist, but above all, the characteristics that they offer, since, in order to generate comfort, it is important not to have a noisy bathroom fan, it is totally uncomfortable, the fan in the bathroom has to be, in the first instance, silent and that they are activated when the light switch is in use, although there are also those that detect the presence of users and can be switched on when they are present. In order to meet these requirements, the following aspects should be considered:

  1. The bathroom fans must have bearings. The bearing is a mechanical element whose purpose is to reduce the friction between the motor and the fan’s propeller. The noise that this bathroom accessory makes will depend on it, which is why experts recommend the use of ball bearings, which will adapt more easily to the position in which you want to have your fan.
  1. How to install a bathroom fan shouldn´t be a big problem. To achieve this, narrow ducting should be avoided so that the required air flow rate avoids increased velocity and thus noise.
  1. Continuous maintenance is required. This can be done by constantly cleaning the grille in front of the fan impeller.

In relation to the bathroom designs fans, the most common are those that are installed on the ceiling and among its components is the robust polymer and is characterized by having glossy coating, usually measures 11 to 9 centimeters and can reach 599 grams, because for some time now it is also considered relevant that the bathroom fan are minimalist.

Bathroom fan can save you from unfortunate occasions, undesirable odors, humidity, etc.

There are also extractor fans which, in addition to the above, have a removable glass screen, which makes the object look modern and is a more elegant choice. On the other hand, smaller and lighter extractors are also becoming an important option, as the ideal for many people is that the extractors fulfill their functions without being so visible. 

You know, bathroom accessories can really add to the functionality of that space, and can also help to create a certain tone or style. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, try using metallic accessories. They can add a touch of elegance to the room. If you prefer a more homely and traditional style, consider using earthenware or ceramic accessories. Now that you know a little more about bathroom accessories and their importance, it’s time to revamp your bathroom and create a dream environment for the whole family to enjoy.  

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