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Laneway houses (also known as garden suites or carriage homes) are popping up all over the city, providing affordable housing options for more British Columbians. They are providing private guest suites for your out-of-town visitors and private residences for adult children still living at home and ageing parents.


Laneway homes are often 500-800 sqft homes with full kitchens, at least one bedroom, a bathroom and a living room area. A professionally built laneway home can also increase the value of your property too.


The building and mortgage costs are easily offset when you rent out these suites. In Vancouver, Laneway Homes are renting for upwards of $1500-3000 per month, more than enough to cover monthly mortgage payments and have extra income left over.

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It is important to hire a company with extensive, local experience building laneway houses to ensure they follow all local bylaws and regulations. Fino Projects has 4 years of experience building laneway homes in the Vancouver area.

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