The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home and where we spend the most time. And it is where some of our most intimate moments take place, such as taking a bath, getting ready, and even relaxing a little when we come home from work. Therefore, it should not only be a functional environment, but it should also be a room that offers comfort, warmth and elegance. Now, it is time to talk about bathroom renovation pictures, without a doubt we can understand that these are the environments that require the greatest dedication when defining a style, we can be inspired by them, since traditionally it has come to be believed that these must maintain the white color as a base for the decoration, since it is the only color. that reflects neatness, but how true is that, it is impossible to think of other styles, it would be crazy to consider gray or black color, what do current trends say about it?

Stay these minutes, be inspired by these pictures. Also, discover the styles of the moment to renovate or make an amazing bathroom decor. Ready? Let’s get started!

Bathroom renovation pictures:

Dark bathroom, dare to use it!

If you are one of those who love risks and is not afraid to go against the rules, a black bathroom, without a doubt, is your best choice. Far from what you may believe it is a smart decision, since nowadays dark bathrooms are in fashion, so you don’t have to worry because below we will show you how to accessorize them.

It is a fact that dark colors can be shocking, however, the key to maintaining a balanced environment is the use of new colors or textures, so it is advisable to align yourself with the industrial style if your choice is a dark bathroom. This type of style is inspired by the industrial aesthetics of the 50’s, that is, how the streets looked at that time, in which the gray or dark tones were the protagonists and white was used as a contrast, in addition to always sought to maintain a lighting in all streets.

Dark bathroom that it has white colors in the accessories and/or implements generates a very pleasant atmosphere.
Dark bathroom gives a very elegant and peculiar look.

Thus, a good combination of a dark bathroom will be the use of white, either in the sinks or toilets, as well as in the soap dishes and toilet paper holders using the resource of lighting. This through the proper position of light bulbs in the various areas of the bathroom, so you can give more life to the environment. Remember that the trick is to look for light in the small objects of the room.

Light bathrooms, a relaxing and harmonious option

If your bathroom decor falls on choosing colors of light shades such as light blue, white, rosewood, beige, among others, the range of combination possibilities is very wide. As noted above, in the case of choosing white a primary idea to harmonize the environment is to use black bathroom accessories, either in the mirror frame, on the shelf, bathroom accessories or even on the tiles.

On the other hand, if your choice is, for example, the light blue color you can try combining it with the different shades of light blue that exist and the same with any pastel color you want, because with this you will achieve that your bathroom possesses nuances and transmits freshness, gentleness and pleasantness.

Light bathroom with pastel colors it creates a pleasant and fresh atmosphere.

While, if you opt for a gray color, you should try to make it the softest possible tone, otherwise you could fall into the style of dark bathrooms. The same if you use the brown color, because this color is easily related to wood and you would be passing the style of rustic bathrooms, which stand out for their intention to be associated with nature or the countryside.

Light bathroom with soft gray it generates a space of tranquility.

Rustic bathrooms, the best of the natural in your home

When we think of a bathroom decorated with a rustic style, usually, we think of the relationship of those rooms with nature. There is something in its style that makes us think of a pleasant and magical feeling, which is most likely related to wood, concrete and stone that generate a state of tranquility. However, to achieve that a rustic bathroom that transmits naturalness is not a simple task, because it is easy to fall into artificiality thereby achieving that the positive emotions mentioned above are lost, so the ideal is not to overload the environment to the point that overwhelms the person using the bathroom.

Rustic bathroom also provide an elegant and serene look.
Rustic bathroom transports you to a comfortable and natural place.

For this it is necessary to consider that it is rustic, although it is associated with wood, it is not required that this is everywhere and even worse that it is in poor condition. To achieve rustic harmony, you can consider the coating of wood floors, walls and ceilings making use of tiles that offer resistance. In the same line is the natural stone, which can be used especially on the floor.

In relation to the bathroom accessories it is best to consider those that are made by hand, preferably with reclaimed wood, thick tree trunks, also, if you want to provide more detail to the decor with external objects, you can opt for the use of plants that grow near the humidity, as well as lamps with dim light. For rustic bathrooms, it is recommended that there is plenty of natural light.

Minimalist bathrooms, the trend of the moment

One of the most acclaimed and trending styles for bathroom decor is the minimalist style, which is characterized by its great functionality and its characteristic of fitting comfortably into the modern world. This is because it adapts to the different spaces that today’s families have, which are usually small.

Minimalist bathroom fits small and large bathrooms.

A minimalist bathroom helps spaces look bigger as long as it uses the resource of light to achieve it. In this decorative style the idea of less is more, that is, it does not require large ornaments to make the bathroom look good, but is usually limited to the purchase of objects necessary for personal hygiene in order not to fill the bathroom area with a large number of elements. This does not mean that the minimalist style is simple, but the important thing is the modernity of the accessories, so a bathtub, a toilet and a white washbasin on a gray background can be a good choice as long as these objects are extremely modern or of a very fine material.

Minimalist bathroom always looks good, sophisticated and remarkable.

Avant-garde bathrooms, environments that break schemes

These are environments that stand out for their novel designs, luxury and warm colors. They can be recognized because, for example, in the case of bathroom sinks, they will opt for the use of a sensor that allows the water to flow out before a traditional faucet. The same will happen when considering the purchase of bathtub faucets, as these will have different characteristics from the common ones, either by having modern features such as whirlpools or other functions or because aesthetically they look modern and, above all, elegant. For this, the avant-garde style will resort to the use of geometric shapes, which generate a sense of harmony in the user.

In relation to the type of tiles used in this style of bathroom, natural stone tiles can be considered, as well as large tiles with subtle symmetrical shapes. Their main conditions are that, firstly, they must provide a highly aesthetic view, and secondly, they must be resistant to continuous traffic. On the other hand, when it comes to choosing the color, this style of bathroom is usually presented in white, generally accompanied by chrome, an element that can be seen in the complementary bathroom accessories, which creates an atmosphere of cutting-edge technology.

It should be noted that geometric shapes are not the only ones to consider, but you can also opt for the use of sculptural elements that represent a modern world, provided they are eco-friendly, that is to say, contribute to the measured use of water or light, without exceeding the recommended standards.  

Avant-garde bathroom stands out for its elegance and novelties.

Colorful bathrooms for a perfect room

If there is something you can bet on without fear of being wrong is the style of colorful bathrooms, not only because it will demonstrate the good taste you have, but this choice will fill your home with energy and vitality. It is wrong to think that a colorful bathroom can reach the extreme of falling into bad taste, because there are several examples in which the choice of colors has favored the bathroom regardless of its size or if there is not a great exposure of light.

If you are one of those who begin to consider the use of multiple colors for bathroom renovation or decor, it is important to consider using white as a base color, so you can make gradual changes without it may seem shocking at first glance. Also, it is advisable to be guided by the colors of the rainbow or buy a palette of colors with which to start trying out some combinations.

A primary choice for a colorful bathroom design can be the combination of orange, light green and white, three colors that invite joy and good cheer. In the same line, if what we do not want is to saturate the environment you can choose to use transparent sinks or the use of screens in the shower instead of curtains. It is also important to keep in mind that white color will be the protagonist of the bathroom, to avoid the room ending up overloaded or saturated. Likewise, it is a good decision to use up to four colors, as long as they do not vary drastically. For example, yellow, a color close to light green, can be added to the aforementioned colors in small decorative objects, in order to provide more luminosity to the bathroom area.

Colorful bathroom gives joy and personality.
There are various combinations in a colorful bathroom, it depends on your tastes.
A colorful bathroom changes the whole appearance.

Another choice that offers a good contrast is orange, turquoise and white, the first can be used in bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, brush holders, vases and white for the choice of toilets, bidets and sinks. However, if you perceive that the choice may begin to overload, remember that transparent objects can reduce the impact and neutralize the atmosphere of the room. If, on the contrary, you would like to opt for the use of more than three colors, it is advisable to start by entering other shades in towels, mirror frames, baskets or shelves, that way you will have the control to make new color choices until you find the ideal one, that is, the one that goes with your personality and describes it.

As you know, although sometimes it is not given the importance it deserves, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. And it is a vital room that is not only perfect for washing, but also to relax after a hard day’s work. Therefore, it will be essential to pay attention to the decoration of this space.

These were the most popular bathroom styles of the moment. Now that you know them, get ready to renovate your space with your favorite one. Remember that the most important thing is that the bathroom design you choose expresses your personality so that it can become a space where you feel very comfortable and in harmony. Which one was your favorite?

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