There is no doubt that a bathroom remodel can completely improve the design and feel of your space, also influence a lot to your everyday well-being. Decorating is more than just designing beautiful environments.

By selecting the shapes, colors and furniture that surround you, you influence the mind of the people who live in your space and you can make them experience more assertive, relaxed and even in better spirits. Well, if what you want is a fantasy finish, it would be better to let the role to the pro. Are you looking for a bathroom renovation service in West Van? You’ve come to the right place! At Fino Projects we are here to assist you!

Bathroom renovation service in West Van

At Fino Projects we give you specialized advice on home renovation and specific territories such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, among others. Through the evolution of functional, structural and finishing strategies we achieve the transformation and advance of the space you want. To realice this, we have a team of professionals in interior progress, specialists in finishes, and qualified technical personnel for the disparate works you require. Look no further! If you are thinking of remodeling your rooms in Fino Projects we offer you the best bathroom remodel service in West Van.

Bathroom renovation in West Van
Wood materials in the bathroom

How much does it cost to hire a bathroom renovation service in West Van?

The cost of a bathroom remodel in West Van can vary depending on the quality of faucets, toilets, floors, etc. and the quantity of elements you desire to implement. At Fino Projects we offer you different alternatives and disparate levels of condition according to your tastes and needs. Do you want a more practical and fashionable bathroom? We have the answer for you!

Types of bathroom renovation in West Van: Partial vs Integral Renovation

installing new flooring, painting the walls, among others. On the contrary, an integral renovation, or also known as total, means making different your space completely, this would indicate redefining environments, changing pipes, new furniture, clearing and demolitions, etc. In other words, ‘making a bathroom from scratch’.

How to get a bathroom renovation service in West Van?

When you elect to do your complete or partial bathroom remodel, contact us, inform us your plan idea and a technician will come to your home the day and time you agree, to take measurements and provide you all the necessary advice to be able to present you a suitable budget according to your requirements.

Now you know, with our bathroom renovation service in West Van, acquire the bathroom of your dreams in a few weeks and with a tidy, attractive and super practical finish.

The best bathroom renovation team in West Van

In Fino Projects we are conscious that our customers have various requirements and wishes, therefore, our projects are purely personalized, unique and unrepeatable. As we said, we have a highly qualified squad to answer to all your concerns, making each customer connect with our services.

How do we work the renovation in West Van?

From our first approach with the buyer to the last, we force to understand your dream plan. And, strongly believing in working together, we look for that typical thread that will guide us to transform that idea that makes it unique and unrepeatable.

Our intention is to offer the best bathroom remodel service in West Van. We listen and adapt to the client’s needs without losing the necessary flexibility to certify maximum creativity.

Bathroom Renovation in West Van
Rustic bathroom

Why choose Fino Projects in West Van?

Ideas for a bathroom renovation in West Van

To renovate a bathroom, one of the first steps to go after is to think about the manner we desire to give it: contemporary, vintage, minimalist, bright, rustic, etc.

Modern and minimalist trends are characterized by being simple, shiny and simple lines. In other ways, vintage bathrooms are characterized by putting together old furniture and details, or of antique aspects, in combination with other more modern pieces or of another style. In other ways, if you want to have a rustic manner for your bathroom, we propose using fresh elements such as wood, natural stone and even plants. Another style that is gaining fans are the oriental style bathrooms. And despite that these have less furnishings and items, their clarity makes them look classy and conservative.

The choice of color in the bathroom remodeling

One of the most relevant points when remodeling a bathroom is the option of colors to paint the walls. Commonly, it is suggested to use pastel or light colors such as pink, white, beige, among others; these shades will permit you to mix pieces of other colors to produce luxurious and pleasant spaces. Furthermore, they assist to intensify the light and create a feeling of spaciousness of the spaces.

The importance of lighting in your bathroom renovation

Lighting is definitely one of the key points worth putting in when renovating a bathroom. And it is that this will positively persuade to produce a relaxing and very comfortable atmosphere. If you are also decisive to restore the lighting in your bathroom, we suggested opting for recessed lights that allow you to command the intensity of the light. Moreover to the great lighting effect they can provide, lamps are one of those accessories that will help you transform the look of any space. Try them!

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