One of the rooms that are usually given the least importance in the home are the bathrooms, generally because they are small spaces or because it is believed that nothing can be done to renovate them. However, today we show you some bathroom renovation ideas to take into account to create a more welcoming environment and enjoy those simple but essential activities of life, such as brushing hair, morning showers, among other personal grooming activities. Join us these minutes and get inspired with the best bathroom renovation ideas!

Bathroom shower ideas, which shower to have?

If you are one of those who enjoy morning or evening showers, you will know that a good bath with cold or warm water, depending on your tastes, can be an activity of great pleasure. Now imagine your grooming routine in a dream environment, where you have all the comforts to do so. So, here we bring you some bathroom renovation ideas for your shower that may be useful for you.

Bathroom shower idea #1: Cabin bathroom

If quick showers are your thing because you prefer to save time, cabin bathrooms are your best choice. For this, you have modern options such as the single lever bathroom shower faucet, which will allow you to maintain the desired water temperature selection by constantly regulating it with an upward or downward movement and the thermostatic shower faucet, a small cylinder with two controls with which you can regulate the water flow and temperature from the start, and keep it without variations throughout its use without the need to constantly regulate it.

Cabin bathroom is preferred, because of the easy access to a quick shower.

Bathroom shower idea #2: Bathroom tub

For this choice, there are taps that, by simply opening the tap, the water will gradually fill the bathtub, whether single lever or thermostatic. Therefore, for better enjoyment, it is important to know what type of taps you prefer and then find out the best shower system for your bathroom and thus have better bathroom renovation ideas.

Once you are clear about the type of faucet you will use and whether you want a bathroom tub, it is time to choose the shower system. Among the most common is the hand shower, which is known as a shower head and has a spray head bracket that is usually fixed to the wall at the desired height. Another option, although less common, is the built-in shower system, which remains static for easier use. However, if you are looking for a more modern version, you can opt for side showers and hydromassage columns, which will undoubtedly generate a unique experience. Although their cost may be a little higher, nothing can take away the satisfaction of a good shower at any time of the day.

Bathroom tub are a little more complicated to install, but nice to look at.

Trendy bathroom colors 2022

Among the bathroom renovation ideas, it is very important to talk about the color of the room. A change of paint has a spectacular effect. To know the ideal color for your bathroom, you should think about what you want it to convey. For example, a white bathroom can transmit tranquillity or serenity, while stronger or even phosphorescent colors denote a marked personality, but it will be necessary to know how to apply them or combine them because it can be very saturating. Therefore, in order to help you with this difficult task, below we provide you with details on bathroom color ideas that you should take into account if you choose between white, black, grey, violet or blue, the colors that are set to be a trend for 2022.

Bathroom color ideas #1: White bathroom

As we pointed out above, white is a synonym of serenity, but also of cleanliness, which makes the bathroom a comfortable and pleasant environment, not only for those who live in the house, but also for the visitor who almost always observes these small details.

White bathroom gives you a serene and fresh atmosphere.

Bathroom color ideas #2: Black and white bathroom

Another usual color for bathroom renovation is the combination of black, however, it is important to point out that this color cannot be used alone, but must be accompanied by white, as they complement each other quite well in the same room to the point of achieving harmony. In addition, the bathroom market has utensils such as soap dispensers, towels, among other elements in black that contrast well with soaps, toilet paper, white sinks or small details that the bathroom may have that provide the lighting that is expected to be obtained in these spaces.

Black and white bathroom is the best of both worlds, a modern and attractive style.

Bathroom color ideas #3: Dark bathroom

One of the good bathroom color ideas is the use of grey, because it is synonymous with elegance. This color not only allows you to create a distinguished atmosphere, but it can also be very well accompanied by gold or silver, elements that can be found in the frames of the mirrors, the taps of the sink or the shower, among others, so its use facilitates the bathroom decor.

Dark bathroom gives you a select and chic atmosphere.

Bathroom color ideas #4: Violet or lilac bathroom

Violet is undoubtedly a symbol of positive energy. Although it is a color that can be strong for some, it has a modern and stylish meaning, even more so if you opt for designs and shades that this color presents, as it also marks the personality that the person has, because the stronger it is, the more intense it will show that you have for decoration. Undoubtedly, an amazing alternative if you are looking for bathroom renovation ideas.

Violet or lilac bathroom gives you an atmosphere of energy, strength and personality.

Bathroom color ideas #5: Blue bathroom

Depending on the shade chosen, blue is a color with a trend that is not to be overlooked. It is an ideal color to create a vintage style, as its nuances provide the environment with a diversity of sensations, among which harmony, creativity and, why not, relaxation, emotions that will undoubtedly help you after an exhausting day. Would you dare to use it with a white bathtub to contrast?

Blue bathroom gives you an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and good feelings.

Bathroom shelves ideas, how to store everything I have?

Probably one of the most complex decisions when thinking about bathroom renovation ideas are shelves, as it is not usually common for families to have shelves at home, let alone in bathrooms. However, these objects not only give functionality to bathrooms, but also offer style and depending on the type of furniture, can be a remarkable element in the bathroom.

Bathroom shelves ideas #1: Floating shelves. 

This bathroom shelf idea is about a current trend, which is characterized by not necessarily presenting a support, but it is usually recessed to the wall. It can be said about floating shelves that they are available in various materials, including wood, stainless steel and resin. Also, another fact to note is that this type of shelf usually takes up less space in a room, so it is convenient to use either to store toiletries or to put decorative items if you have a small bathroom or personal use.

Floating shelves are very useful not only to place items, but also for the occasional decoration on top.

Bathroom shelves ideas #2: Bathroom wall shelves

These shelves are part of the construction of bathrooms. They are usually found in those spaces of the room that have a gap, this because the construction has this design. Therefore, to take advantage of this space many people choose to place shelves that can be inserted without major problems. Although this type of shelf is not movable, its space is usually large and it can store towels, sponges, soap refills, among other toiletries. A great idea for a bathroom renovation!

Bathroom wall shelves can occupy empty spaces and be very useful for the organization.

Bathroom shelves ideas #3: Furniture with bathroom shelves 

They are objects created specifically to decorate a room and make it functional in the room where it is located, that is, it functions as storage, in the case of bedrooms its drawers can store conditioners, towels, spare toilet paper, sponges, among other toiletries. Their designs are varied and are characterized by having glass or wooden doors, which is up to you to choose, because even if you do not find one as you wish, you can have it made with your own suggestions.

Bathroom shelves give a decorative look that works very well in small bathrooms.

Bathroom shelves ideas #4: Bathroom shower shelves

Shower shelves are those objects that are usually located in the corners of the showers and are intended to facilitate the grooming of people. These shelves can be made with acrylic, porcelain, marble, among others, the choice of the type of shelf lies in that the material chosen is resistant to water due to its constant exposure to it, that is to say it should be prevented from rusting or being easily damaged.

Bathroom shower shelves are effective to place elements that we will use at the time of our shower.

Which bathroom mirror to choose?

One of the most diverse objects in relation to bathroom renovation ideas are mirrors, as they exist in various shapes, sizes, frames and can become the objects that ensure the style you want to mark. Despite the fact that you should choose the style of the bathroom mirrors, it is also necessary to consider the ease that this will offer for cleaning, as well as for everyday activities, that is to say, brushing teeth, washing face and hands, hair even for makeup or to shave.

Therefore, it is essential that the mirror is of a considerable size, thinking about the space you have and the material you want. A bathroom mirror with a certain frame will require a type of treatment, for example, if you decide that the mirror is made of wood, it is important to choose the type of wood it will have, if it is resistant to moisture, if the color chosen will match the room, among others.

Bathroom wood mirror comes in handy if you want to give elegance to the place.

On the contrary, if you choose a stainless steel frame, it is better that the bathroom mirror is black, because if it were to lose the color you can access a black paint without problem, while if you consider using colors like fuchsia, orange or green, you may find slight inconveniences for when you want to touch it up. Another usual material to choose for a bathroom mirror is resin, which can imitate gold-framed mirrors without major inconvenience and gives style to your bathroom.

Steel frame mirror works and blends well with light bathrooms.

On the other hand, there are beveled mirrors, which are frameless bathroom mirrors and therefore are seen as elegant and modern. These types of mirrors are the ones that, without a doubt, have generated more trend during the last years and have become one of the favorite alternatives to renovate the bathroom. You can appreciate this model of mirrors in different shopping malls or offices, as they are ideal to denote distinction. It is also important to remember that all bathroom mirrors require to be located in an environment of great lighting or opt for the use of lights that can be located near them. In the same line, it should be remembered that although mirrors are usually located above the sinks, they can also be located between the sink and the toilet. Keep in mind that there is no rule that prevents the use of more than one mirror, it will correspond, in any case, to the taste and the utility you want to give to the object. 

Bathroom frameless mirror generates spaciousness to the place.

These were some of the best bathroom renovation ideas. Now that you know them, cheer up once and for all to turn your bathroom into a warm and dreamy place, you will love the result!

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